Gutter Clearance Service

Blocked gutters are a leading cause of damp within the home. Just a small build up of moss or leaves can prevent rainwater from flowing away from the house. Over time, this can lead to internal damp and mould. The weight of a heavy blockage can also cause damage to the guttering itself, leading to costly repairs. In extreme circumstances, overflowing gutters can cause excessive moisture around the buildings foundations and can lead to structural damage within the home. In summary, what seems like a minor issue, can lead to significant and expensive problems. So, if ever there was a case for ‘prevention is better than cure’ then keeping gutters clear most definitely is it!

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Introducing Sky Vac the worlds most powerful gutter cleaning machine!

Sky Vac cleans guttering effectively from the safety of the ground using a high powered vacuum. We use an integrated wireless camera system to make sure nothing is left behind! Sky Vac also allows us to reach gutters previously inaccessible through the use of ladders, such as over conservatory roofs and reaching up to 4 storeys high!


How much will it cost?

The initial cost is £20. This involves a full recorded inspection of all guttering and down pipes. This will help us establish what needs doing and how much it will cost. This often works out cheaper than being quoted for the size of the house as we only charge per metre of blocked gutter. Included in this cost is also a full recorded after inspection. Both recordings are available to be viewed by the homeowner, giving you the confidence of knowing what needs or doesn’t need to be done, and the peace of mind that the work has been carried out to a professional standard.



Common problems and prevention

The most common issues with gutters becoming blocked is usually in corners, and most notably down pipes. Moss and debris that has fallen from the roof is carried towards the down pipe by a correctly functioning gutter. However, this will usually compress in the first bend and stop, or significantly slow the flow of water from passing through. After having your gutters cleared, we can supply and install a wire balloon into the down pipe, preventing the issue from re-occurring.



How do I know when I need my gutters cleared?

If like most people, you cant remember last last time your gutters were cleared, then now might be the time to get around to it! Obvious signs, such as moss, leaves or even plants can be seen growing from the ground. Other signs can be gutters bowing under weight, or rain water spilling
over the top during a heavy downpour. However, in most cases the homeowner will be unaware of the problem. We recommend having your gutters inspected annually in order to keep them performing and carrying out the task they were designed for without restriction.

Fascia/Soffit restoration

After having the internal gutters cleared, why not complete the service and have the external fascia and soffits cleaned. Most household gutters and soffits are made from white uPVC. Over time, this can become quite grubby and stained. If left untreated the dirt can ingrain itself into the uPVC, making it very hard to clean. With the right equipment and know how, we can restore and maintain your fascias/soffits and keep them looking as good as new!

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