Roof Cleaning

Enhance your roof’s longevity and performance by utilising roof cleaning services. Our experts will efficiently remove algae, mould, mildew, lichen, moss, and even oxidation on metal roofs, ensuring your roof remains in optimal condition for an extended period.

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Roof cleaning and why is it necessary?

Besides an unsightly roof, there are many reasons your roof should be kept cleaned and maintained. The majority of homes across the UK will have some level of moss growth on top and in between the roof tiles. This can cause water retention, heat loss and add weight to the roof causing stress on the structure. Gutters and down pipes can become blocked with fallen moss resulting in further problems. During the winter months, the freeze/thaw effect means that moss will expand and lift roof tiles, potentially causing more damage. The roots of the moss can also cause hairline cracks in the roof tiles allowing water and frost to penetrate.

Roof cleaning process

Firstly all moss will be pre-treated and down pipes capped off with a wire balloon to prevent blockages. Once this has taken effect, we will scrape and remove the moss with specially profiles blades. All gutters will then be cleared and a soft wash solution applied to the roof. Once clean, the biocide will be applied for residual protection. All will be carried out from gutter level, abiding by health and safety regulations and avoiding broken tiles or unnecessary damage.

Excel Cleaning Soft Bio wash House Roof
Excel Cleaning Soft Bio wash House
Excel Cleaning Soft Bio wash House Roof 1

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