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We are constantly researching new ways to make our customers happier, so we’ve created easier ways for our customers to pay their bills, check them out!


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If you are an existing customer and wish to pay your bill via EFT, please use the details below and don’t forget to add your business name or address as a reference.

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Effortlessly set up a Direct Debit with Excel Cleaning.

  • Simple, one-time sign up
  • You will always be notified by email when a subscription is starting or one-off payment is being taken.
  • Your payments are fully protected if a payment is ever taken in error.


If you are an existing customer and wish to pay your bill online, please read the instructions below. For help and enquiries about bill payments online and paying us with PayPal, please contact us.

Bill Payment

Important note:
For the purpose of record keeping and security, before you make a payment please ensure you enter your full address in the reference address box provided. This ensures that we know who paid us and where they live, so we don’t ask for a payment at the door. Your information is completely confidential, for more information please read our Privacy Policy. See Instructions below:

1: Enter your full address in the field “Reference Address”.
2: Click “Buy Now”.
3: Once you get to PayPal, enter your payment amount into the field “Item Price”, on the left pane, and click “Update” underneath.
4: Choose an option to login to paypal or to create an account and pay directly via debit or debit card. This only takes a minute.
5: You’re done. Thank you for choosing to pay your Excel Cleaning bill online.

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